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Why Small Businesses Should Embrace Technology
by Thabang Wa Di Kwena

A lot has changed in the last 5 years.

Most business are becoming more technologically inclined in being able to provide world-class service by increasing turnover times, increased productivity whilst boosting staff morale in the process and being able to retain clients.

But what does this mean for the small business that is still using traditional methods of recording financial records, delivering their products/services and marketing? 

More and more people as well as businesses are utilizing Digital Era ways of getting things done better which is faster and more convenient. 

There are a lot of businesses which already exist in the townships where the products/services that they provide to their customers keeps returning the same result where clients are abandoning ship to a company that offers fast, efficient and effective results at your own comfort and at your own request.

How can these businesses ensure that their pre-existing products/services they are offering are ALWAYS on the top of the clients mind?

Here are three ways in which small business can take control and be at an advantage from their competitors who refuse to adapt:

1) Re-branding the business
It's not always easy trying to think of what way in which the business should look on the outside to gain the attention of customers. One thing that helps is to create a brand for the business where the colors speak directly to their target market based on what kind of product/service they offer. This will then help the business stand out from their competition and have a BETTER chance of being considered first as opposed to your current competition.

2) Develop a DIGITAL marketing strategy
It's important that a business knows exactly how to communicate with their audience and finding better ways of engaging and prompting them to buy into whatever you are selling. Having a marketing strategy put in place allows the business to understand certain dynamics of promoting the business such as where the target market lives, their monthly income, their tastes and habits in terms of activities they engage themselves in the most, the latest trend, etc. Such methods enables you to have a better idea of when to post or advertise your product/service and as to use which types of platforms made available to you in order to reach them more effectively.

3) Broad Online Presence
No matter where the business is located within the country or province, having a strong online presence allows ease of access to even international clientele to buy into whatever it is that you are selling which then makes the business gain more value and have the potential of getting funding from public or private investors who want to see your business grow. Once more by having your content being properly managed by social media content creators, your business is in the running of becoming more profitable due to appealing aesthetics as well as content that engages your clientele to even refer to other people, as well as be in the running for winning awards too for world class products/services.

Which technological advancements have you implemented in your small business? We can help you get started with these things if you are serious about growing your business and being a real competitor in your industry. Click here to get started. 


South African Videographer, Podcast Host, Avid Gamer, CEO and Founder of Skaps Optic View with lots of love and energy and simply another young man trying to do the right thing.

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