Henry Meléndez (born Halandi Joy Madalane, 9 January 1993), also known as Mister Khular is a South African Entrepreneur, Business and Personal Branding Consultant and Writer. Called the “Witch Doctor of Business Start-Ups” by most of his clients, he has started up more than 10 businesses and projects of his own in the past 10 years (2009-2019) which failed and brought some good start-up lessons and experience. And he has helped start-up and grow more than 20 brands and businesses in the past year (March 2018 - January 2019) he is the current CEO and Co-Founder of Khular Brand Management.

Early Life

Henry Meléndez was born Halandi Joy Madalane on January 9, 1993 in Springs, Gauteng, the son of middle class parents Kenny Madalane and Idah Matjila. After completing matric at Springs Boys' High School, Henry attended CTI Education Group at Bedfordview to study IT, dropping out in six months due to financial problems and that’s when he pursued a career as a writer and educated himself through the internet since “it’s cheaper than real school”. He became a better writer through internet education (Googling, Quora, Udacity and YouTube) and realized there’s business, branding and marketing to consider to attain commercial success as a writer. That’s when he started taking interest in business, social media marketing, and being practical with most of his business ideas and constantly failing and learning with every attempt until he started Khular in 2017. Which is his most successful, biggest and longest standing company ever since he embarked on the entrepreneurial journey.

He officially changed his name and surname to Henry Meléndez at age 25, explaining:

Henry Meléndez sounds better than Halandi Madalane. And when I wrote stories I had to have a fictional name. So I called myself Henry Meléndez in and people started calling me Henry, and it stuck like that. On top of that, my father’s second name is Henry, and my most favorite writer’s first name is Henry, and they’re both my biggest role models and av always admired how they navigated through life. And then I got the Meléndez surname from my favorite Telemundo Telenovela, My Heart Beats for Lola.


Sintilate Agency
After identifying a gap in the local modeling industry, Henry, along with his friend, Vuyani Mbangula, started Sintilate Agency (now defunct) in 2014, a modeling agency that helped first time models kickstart their careers and learn the basics through weekly workshops. The company shut down after loss and shifts of interests.
In 2015, Henry teamed up with Rooi to form Productions. The company provided video and photography services to clubs, schools and events. They also created their own original content for their online channel. The marketing phase was a huge success and the audition received more than 1000 applications from across South Africa. In December 2015, Henry announced that the company has to be put to the side due to lack of funding.


In 2017, Henry, along with his friend Phindile Sibiya,founded Khular Brand Management, a social-media focused digital agency. The company provides social media and start-up services to new brands and businesses such as Cossa Sapateira, VOLT Models ZA, Miyar Creations, Next Education and hair stylist slash vlogger, Nobantu Gumbi. In 2019, Khular is going to launch some of the biggest companies and projects and becoming a bigger and better service provider.

In November 2018, Henry released the first episode of his podcast, KhularPod which is a FREE podcast available on SoundCloud which will help you get started with your own business by just being committed and being practical and being open to learning. The episodes also feature guest CEO’s and artists as they share their experiences and pass their best advice.

KhularPod also hosts a variety of shows under it’s umbrella, including Otshepile Eng? by Thabang Moshoeshoe.

Mister Khular Live
In January 2019, Henry started making a series of live videos on Facebook to share his experience and knowledge about business, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the insanity of modern day relationships.

In June 2017, Henry started taking orders for his self-published book, 81873 (stylized for BIBLE) which was scheduled to release only 100 copies and only received 81 orders. The book became a distribution fail after printers scammed Henry and he was only able to deliver some books and had to complete refunds to those who never received a copy.

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