Being a Model

Being a Model (A Motivation for Aspiring Models)
by Miss Phindi


I think it is

The art of being a mentor;

An educator and

An advocate for the masses.

Even when you don’t have the support or

Being celebrated on a global scale, famous;

But it's what you do on the daily that impacts the lives of those around you.

It is about finding your imperfections and wearing them with




It is about finding your happiness in serving and being a pillar to other people.

It is about striving to be the best and doing your best in everything that you do!!!

In all that said:

No one really talks about the journey one has to take in being a model.

Its more than having a figure and a beautiful smile.

You fight with constant self doubt and perfectionism

Which can affect your confidence;

It is about accepting your imperfections, simple things like:

"I am not comfortable with using eating utensils,"
"I cannot walk in heels for long,"
"I am a shy person and get nervous talking to strangers,"
"I am very insecure about how I look,"
"I cannot read well,"
"I have an eating disorder."

Simple things that the outside world may think you have in-check

Yet it’s constant battle for you, your mind and body!

Looking beautiful is one medication to heal the stress but it also brings its own anxiety like:

"Did I apply my make up right?"
"I need the latest sneakers,"
"I don’t have money to do my hair!"
"My nails and and and and....."

The list is endless.

Yet everyday we wake up and tick off what we can do and strive to do the rest because this is a calling, we're gunning for the big prize, for the platform to have all these small stressors and anxiety taken care of so that we can show the world who we are and what we stand for.


I will blossom
And be an advocate for those that look up to me. 

When you see me walking high 
With my make-up on
Strutting on my heels
And trying to be heard:


I am fighting my imperfections,
My stressors and

Help me
Guide me
Support me
So that I can shine and show you who I really am.

Because I am a MODEL!!!

Photography: SIM Productions SA

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Middle East based, South African born Director and Founder of A+ Talent Management and Khular Brand Management who loves to travel the world, listen to a good song and helping people realize their dreams and become.

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